Michelle Harris, Life Coach

I’m Michelle.

I grew up in California and my favorite days are still spent walking the shores of a sleepy beach town. If my toes aren’t in the sand, you’ll find me on the sidelines of my kids’ sporting events or hiking in the hills. Before becoming a life coach, I’d owned a commercial teeth-whitening business and worked in real estate, helping people design and build their dream homes. I enjoyed watching my real estate clients grasp the keys to their new house and take up residence in the physical space they’d dreamed of.

When I began helping people do the very same thing with their lives, I knew I’d found my destiny: to give others the keys to unlock—and fully express—their destiny. As a life coach, I help people design and build their dream lives.

We’re similar, you and I. We want to live meaningful, purposeful and fulfilling lives. Just like you, I’ve experienced seasons of feeling stuck and frustrated. Life has thrown me a few curve balls and I’ve learned how to do hard things because of them. People have called me a “gutsy” gal, but it was more than guts. It was having the right tools that enabled me to live victoriously in the midst of those situations, even when the circumstances didn’t change. I want to help you do the same thing.

My signature coaching system is built on my education from the most credible coaching programs in the country: The Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC), and the John C. Maxwell Certification Program. I’m also a certified Zig Ziglar Trainer, trained by Zig himself in what’s now known as Ziglar Legacy Certification.

Together, we’ll identify your strengths and challenges, find solutions to existing problems, cultivate new skills to expand growth, live aligned to your values, and strategize toward your desired future.

Consider me your life architect. I’ve got the tools to help you design your dream life. Working together, you will discover the keys to unlock your destiny.

Are you ready to move into your dream life? I’d love to help.

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Michelle Harris, iPEC Certified Life Coach with Unlock Your Destiny