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I came to Michelle at a point in my life where I was spiraling into a future I did NOT want. I felt powerless; towing behind other people’s whims, opinions and judgements. I was desperately trying to find my way back to the person I knew I was, but somehow seemed to have lost. I truly didn’t realize how destructive this desperation was affecting my relationships, and most importantly my relationship with my inner self.

What a difference just a couple months has made with Michelle’s constructive coaching! I am able to identify tools I’ve always had and use them to create successful relationships, and a life I’ve always wanted. What a powerful thing it is to begin to live your life intentionally – and even more powerful to begin to know what intentionality truly means.

I’ve found my power again and I’m excited to continue my journey of developing my True Self and potential without victimization, anger and defiance. I am flying free.



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Looking from the outside into my life and career, I would agree with the world’s perception, yes, “it’s a really great life – she’s definitely living her calling”. However, looking from the inside out I knew there were far more deeply seeded dreams and desires that were inhibited and not coming to fruition.

I’m so grateful for the introduction to Michelle Harris, owner and founder of Unlock Your Destiny. She has intentionally pressed into my “stuff” and in just a short time together her training, humor, kindness, skill sets, passion and more have assisted in the first few *click-clicks* of unlocking inhibitors that have been preventing me going from an already great life to an amazing destination of living a greater, richer, more fulfilling life.

Expect to be challenged to identify your self-imposed limiting beliefs, exhorted to move away from catabolic deadly energy to live vibrantly in anabolic energy, to not just dream your dreams but become your dream life. Michelle has been key to taking me through many transformational breakthroughs. She’s been the “push on the swing” to propel me to go higher in living and in life! Unlock Your Destiny ~ this business does just that!

Janice Berryman
Boise, ID


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When I think of Michelle Harris the first word that comes to mind is “Inspirational.” In Websters Dictionary the word “Inspirational” is defined as, “Imparting a divine influence on the mind and soul.”
Michelle’s love of life and helping people “Unlock their Destiny” and truly love their life; make it more fulfilling, better and greater, is truly fitting that her experience and passion for her business is called, “Unlock Your Destiny.”

Michelle helps people understand that everyone has the answers inside of themselves. You just need someone to “Insert a key into whatever is holding you back.” Open the door, and be set free.
Her special gifts are not only in coaching people, but giving so much of herself to her community, spreading spiritual love, and letting people know they are loved by a “Power” much higher than themselves. With one conversation with Michelle Harris, you can see her enthusiasm, and intense joy for life, and her interest in YOU!

There are not enough words to describe Michelle. Her unconditional love for people and trying to help them achieve their goals and, as she says, “Become the cause of your life, instead of the effect,” will captivate and motivate you. But most of all bring you to your highest potential in life!

Demery Donovan
Boise, ID


I can’t thank you enough! The more I peel back the layers, the more I see how everything works together!

I find myself constantly CHOOSING to not go “there”. Now that I realize where “there” is and what it does, I immediately stop and go in the other direction.

Amazing freedom to be able to not let what others do affect me because I now have had a taste of what being judgement free feels like.
God bless you.

Pastor Kevin
Arroyo Grande, CA


These are kind words from Pastor Kevin and Michelle is grateful to see his success. Sign up for a Free Discovery Session today and experience the highest rated and most reviewed personal trainer Meridian ID has to offer, experience life changing results today!


I began life coaching with Michelle Harris as a very desperate woman in emotional pain. My mother had been diagnosed with stage four cancer and has since passed away, and I was blindsided at the same time when my husband of 20+ years decided he was not in love with me.

I held the resentment from a past hurt other friend and had not worked that out yet. I had lost the passion to live; I wasn’t living a life. I was existing.

Cliff Notes Version: after my first three sessions with Michelle, my life began to change radically. I was forced to see that I was living my life as a victim and through Michelle’s coaching I can truly say I’m standing strong and courageous in my Faith and life now. My marriage is still quite uncertain, but I am walking through that fire with Unlock Your Destiny and my faith in God knowing that I am living intentionally with a purpose now.

Boise, ID


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My goal with Michelle is pretty simple, I just want to be better in all parts of my life.

Why? I wasn’t depressed and in general felt like I was doing OK. Good job, good life, good car… good, good, good right?

But here’s the thing, “good” was feeling more like “not great”. I was not using my full potential- not even close. And the worst part, I knew it.
Finally I couldn’t accept letting a few more years slip by, I fully 100% understood that I needed to get help. Trouble was, I didn’t know what kind of help, but I was wide open to the idea.
Then I sat next to Michelle on a plane and you can guess the next steps. By the time we landed I knew I could work with her. Great outlook and energy, very personable and extremely supportive. And now I can also add, good at nudging me to do uncomfortable things.

I have been working with Michelle for about 3 months and the results have been significant. I call her my tour guide because she has pointed me at my personal barriers and helped me over them. She has also helped me focus not only on my strengths, but also the things that bring me personal satisfaction.
With Michelle’s help, my personal relationships and work relationships have improved significantly. Rather than reacting, I am choosing how to respond. Also, as I had hoped, she is helping me get back on track to pursue larger dreams that will tap into the tools and skills that inspire me.

In my mind this is just the beginning and Michelle has already helped me achieve my goal of being better in all parts of my life. So now we have a new goal that I didn’t have the nerve to even think about before.

How can I be great in all parts of my life.

Sales Director
Boise, ID



Meeting Michelle Harris was a divine appointment. I have been praying for the right coach/mentor for years to help with some personal and professional roadblocks. Counselors have helped me a great deal to work through issues from my past but Michelle’s coaching helped me identify and categorize what my specific belief systems, my emotional and behavioral patterns are doing to me, good and bad, how certain ones hold me back from truly being free to live up to my potential. She has coached me on how to reframe my thinking and shift to more positive thoughts which change my emotions and behaviors.

She has a cross range of wisdom from Zig Ziglar, John Maxwell, Jack Canfield and most importantly, the lessons she has learned in life as a tool box to coach from. She’s safe, trustworthy, genuine, humble, intuitive, discerning, wise, generous, experienced and she truly cares. She has equipped me with practical tools to breakthrough, cut chains, and walk in the freedom God designed for me to walk in with power, love and with a sound mind so that I may live out my God-given potential daily. I experienced a major breakthrough that went deep into past relationships and to my childhood. It was one of biggest roots that need to be uprooted in order for me to walk in my purpose with power. I know I still have much to practice and learn concerning this area, but deciding to take the step to be coached by her has been life altering and has been one of the best investments I have made for my self care and my future. She champions me and has helped me see the truth about who I AM. I highly recommend Michelle Harris as your coach.

Jenn Dina
Coach/ Consultant/ Owner



Not only is Michelle Harris the best personal trainer Meridian ID has to offer, but she is also the best personal development coach too, experience the highest rated and most reviewed life changing program today!

I am so glad I got this opportunity for your help on shining a light into my life, so I can see things that I couldn’t see before! I think the biggest take away I collected from working with you is that I choose how I show up into any situation, and life really is what you make out of it. It seriously feels like a fog has been lifted and I am able to navigate through life in a more focused and open minded way, the focus on personal little aspects gave me so many “aHA” moments, and I will continue to use the skills and mindsets i learned from you for the rest of my life 🙂 Thanks again Michelle!

Emma Schultz


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