Why Coaching

I learned the answer to that question the hard way.

After leaving my real estate business in California to relocate to Idaho, I started a commercial teeth-whitening business. Not long after, the building that housed my business was flooded. Needless to say, I found myself not only learning the ropes of owning a small business, but coping with a very taxing situation. I was still in the early—and very demanding—days of parenting young children, as well. My support system was still predominantly in California, so this became “the perfect storm” in my life; the stress depleted me completely and I was diagnosed with severe Adrenal fatigue. My physician literally ordered me to take a vacation in an attempt to restore my body to health. As I collapsed into my seat on the plane, I learned my seat companion was a life coach. That impromptu coaching session profoundly altered the course of my life, as she helped me identify ways to respond to my situation differently.

Our conversation lingered in my mind long after returning from my trip. As I continued to help people brighten their smile, I realized how much more I desired to give people a reason to smile. So, I enrolled in coaching school. As I progressed through the curriculum, I began to use my new tools and strategies at home and work. Our family began to experience dramatic change as I learned how to respond to my circumstances differently. This helped me become the best personal trainer Meridian ID has to offer.

Gain Clarity: When facing confusion or indecision, a life coach can guide you in understanding what you truly want and what steps are needed to get there.

Accountability: Just knowing that someone is going to ask about your progress can be a strong motivator. A life coach provides that external accountability to keep you on track.

Objective Perspective: Unlike friends or family, a life coach offers an unbiased viewpoint, providing fresh insights and perspectives on challenges you face.

Overcoming Obstacles: Life coaches offer tools and strategies to help you overcome personal and professional barriers, from self-limiting beliefs to practical hurdles.

Personal Development: If you’re looking to develop certain skills, qualities, or habits, a life coach can provide resources, techniques, and guidance tailored to your growth needs.

Improving Relationships: A life coach can offer insights, communication strategies, and exercises to enhance relationships, whether romantic, familial, or professional.

Transitions and Change: Navigating life changes, like career transitions, relocating, or personal evolutions, can be smoother and more purposeful with a life coach’s guidance.

Boosting Confidence: By providing encouragement, feedback, and strategies for success, a life coach can help bolster your self-esteem and confidence.

Balance and Well-being: If you’re struggling with stress, work-life balance, or overall well-being, a life coach can offer strategies to find equilibrium and improve mental and emotional health.

Enhancing Productivity: A life coach can provide strategies and frameworks to improve time management, prioritize tasks, and increase overall productivity.

Personalized Support: Unlike generalized self-help materials or large seminars, a life coach provides one-on-one support tailored to your specific situation and needs.

Networking and Opportunities: Some life coaches have extensive networks and can connect you with opportunities or people relevant to your goals.

Safe Space for Reflection: A life coaching session provides a confidential and non-judgmental space to discuss challenges, fears, and aspirations.


While these reasons provide a broad overview, the ultimate reason to hire a life coach is personal to each individual. Some may seek a significant transformation, while others might want subtle shifts or validation that they’re on the right path. Regardless of the specific reason, the overarching goal is typically to lead a more fulfilled and purposeful life. The journey veins by searching for the most amazing personal trainer Meridian ID has to offer, from there you can book your Free Discovery Session and begin to see life changing results.

Lack of Direction: When someone feels adrift or unsure about their purpose, a life coach can help them find clarity and direction.

Transition Phases: Major life changes, such as a career shift, retirement, divorce, or the loss of a loved one, can be daunting. A life coach can guide individuals through these transitions, helping them navigate challenges and uncertainties.

Building Self-confidence: Low self-esteem or lack of confidence can hinder personal and professional success. Life coaches can work with individuals to build their confidence by identifying strengths, addressing limiting beliefs, and setting achievable milestones.

Improving Relationships: For those facing challenges in their relationships, be it with family, friends, or partners, a life coach can offer insights and tools to enhance communication, understanding, and connection.

Balancing Life: Struggling with work-life balance, stress, or burnout is common. A life coach can provide strategies and techniques to achieve a more balanced, fulfilling life.

Personal Development: Personal growth is a lifelong journey. Some people engage with life coaches purely for ongoing personal development, learning new skills, habits, or mindsets to improve their quality of life.

Decision-making: For those facing significant decisions and feeling overwhelmed or uncertain, a life coach can offer a structured approach to evaluate options and make confident choices.

Accountability: Having someone to report to can motivate individuals to stay on track with their commitments, especially when self-discipline is a challenge.

Overcoming Barriers: Life coaches can help identify and confront internal and external barriers, from self-doubt to external challenges, making it easier for individuals to progress.

Enhancing Productivity: Procrastination or inefficient habits can hamper progress. Life coaches can provide frameworks and strategies to boost productivity and effectiveness.

Seeking Fulfillment: Even if everything seems fine on the surface, some individuals might feel an underlying lack of fulfillment. A life coach can help explore these feelings and guide towards a more fulfilling path.

While these are some common reasons, everyone’s journey is unique. For some, a life coach acts as a sounding board, for others, a guide, and for many, an essential partner in personal growth and change. It’s worth noting that not everyone needs a life coach, but those who choose to engage with one often find value in the personalized guidance and support they receive. Keep looking for the best personal trainer Meridian ID has to offer and experience life changing coaching with me!

You don’t have to wait for a crisis to benefit from life coaching like I did. Let’s find your purpose… your reason to smile.

What to Expect From Coaching

You, too, can experience those kinds of results from working with me. Just imagine…

  • Feeling in control of your life, moving forward with clarity and a sense of purpose.
  • Enjoying functional, healthy relationships.
  • Coping well with life transitions and even losses.
  • Knowing your core values and making choices that align with them.
  • Having the internal motivation, passion and skills to live into your dreams.


How It Works

No two coaching packages are alike. Each are tailored for the client’s specific needs and objectives, but the process is similar for all.

  • We begin by evaluating the current state of the area in which you feel stuck or dissatisfied. Together, we’ll identify the challenges and obstacles – and the causes beneath them – that are impeding your progress. We’ll also hone in on your strengths to harness them as resources for making change.
  • Next, we’ll develop a refined understanding of your core values. These will serve as the internal compass with which to navigate the course of change.
  • Then it’s time to devise a plan. We’ll establish strategies and determine points of choice to get you there.
  • I’ll equip you with tools to implement the plan. With the right skills – whether communication, conflict resolution, boundary-setting, decision-making, or others – you are sure to succeed.
  • With these keys in hand, it’s time to unlock your destiny. I remain available to you as a coach while you work toward your goals. I’ll assist with course-corrections along the way and help you see your progress through to completion.


Contact me to book your free discovery session for a brief sampling of the process. I’m confident you’ll have a reason to smile when we’re done.